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IF you hunger after God, this article will give you 3 PRACTICAL WAYS on how to build faith and trust in God EASILY.

Faith is vital. Lack of faith can stop us from receiving God’s blessing.

If you don’t have much faith, you will have a MASSIVE disadvantage in every area of your Christian life. At work. At school. At home. With your goals and dreams.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

But there is a simple solution. A VERY simple solution.

By the end, you will know how to BUILD faith and trust in God EASILY, no matter what season you are in.

But I MUST define what faith IS before I can answer.



First, what is faith NOT?

Faith is NOT a feeling.

Many people think faith is a feeling… “Oh if I just believe hard enough maybe it will happen!”

No. Faith is much deeper.

Faith is not feeling like something is going to happen. Faith is knowing something will happen even if you don’t feel it.

Below is a 4-point deeper explanation of faith than most people know, followed by 3 practical ways to increase your faith that most people don’t do.

You can skip to the 3 practical ways to increase your faith if you want. But I suggest you also read my 4-point deep explanation of faith below.




Here is an interesting thought.

It was Einstein who said: “Imagination is everything.”

Meaning, everything ever created, was imagined!

Think about the things people have created. Cars. Computers. This blog. All have been IMAGINED UP!

Your imagination is the evidence of something that doesn’t yet exist.

There must be something in your imagination RIGHT NOW. What is it? It is the evidence of what is yet to come.

Hebrews 11:1 says:

“Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

You could also say:

“Faith is the reality of our imagination, and our imagination is evidence of things we can’t see yet.”

Meaning our imagination can become reality through faith.




There is another bold definition of faith.


This is so IMPORTANT. It’s hard for me to describe how important this statement is.

The Bible says: “Faith without WORKS is dead”

MEANING: If you keep on DOING. If you show up today, and the next day, and the next day. What you hoped for (in your imagination) will happen.

But you must also know this!

There is a time for everything. (See Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

Meaning if you persist, it will happen at the right time.



God knows your purpose is at stake! He is much more interested in you fulfilling your destiny than you are.

You may feel afraid. You may feel worried. You may feel like a failure.

But faith doesn’t take the fear away. It teaches you to fight it. Faith is a FIGHT!

Faith is NOT “Oh, it’s fine. God loves me. Everything is all fine and roses. I trust him…”

If you spend most of your time feeling like you trust God, more than trusting God, it’s doubtful whether you are fulfilling your calling.

If you ACT, it PROVES you have faith in God. Even if you don’t feel it. You believe in him. But because you trust Him. Not because of a feeling.

IF you show up every day, it will happen. IF you rely on his strength, it will happen. IF you don’t quit, it will happen.

IF you lean into God for strength, HE will lift you up. When the time is right.

These are not just empty words.

The ACTION always comes first. Then the FEELING. Never the other way around.

The IF comes before the promise. Most of God’s promises rely on an IF statement. IF you have faith… he will fulfill his promises.


Never confuse FEELINGS with FAITH. Faith is far more powerful.



Let me explain it like this.

99% of people feel afraid right now about something in the future. I feel afraid right now. There is nothing wrong with that.

But there is something wrong with BEING afraid. There is a difference between BEING and FEELING afraid

BEING afraid is letting the fear cripple you so much you don’t DO it.

Most people are afraid of public speaking (me included).

But just because we feel afraid, we can still give the speech.

Even if you mess it up and people don’t like it. IT DOESN’T MATTER. I mean that in a literal sense.

When people tell you, they don’t like you. You can look them in the eye and say, “I’m fine with that, I don’t wake up every day to impress you.”

Faith is DOING something, no matter how small.

But what should we DO?

Deep down we all know WHAT we should be doing.

It’s what we KNEW but we didn’t DO that stops us from receiving God’s blessing.

There are so many amazing things you would experience if you were to DO something different. Break the cycle. Start a new habit!

You would experience a different level of peace, joy, freedom if you dare to DO something.


My Definition of Faith

My definition of faith. Trusting God enough to do something when you don’t see any immediate blessing come. But you know it will BABY

Faith is also the opposite of sight. When you don’t see the blessing now, but you know it WILL come at the right time, if you don’t quit.

Faith is vital to living any kind of Christian life.

But how do you increase your faith in God?


The ONE THING You Need To Know First

All 3 practical tips listed below all rely on ONE THING.

It is the ONE THING that is in YOUR control.

The Bible says, ‘Faith comes from hearing’.

There is the answer. Right there. In the Bible.

The ability to trust God and DO something comes from hearing TRUTH.

I said at the start of this blog post ‘by the end of this blog post you will 100% have more faith in Jesus’.

Because you have been hearing (or reading – ‘same thing’) TRUTH!

This has allowed you to believe what I am saying and be inspired to DO things different in your life.

Because you NOW know (even deeper) when you DO something for God, he will bless you beyond your imagination.

So, what are the 3 practical ways to build your faith and DO more?

Below are the answers.



Because Faith comes from hearing. The question is. How can you hear MORE! I will tell you.

I will make you a PROMISE!

By the end of these 3 practical tips, you won’t just understand how to increase your faith and trust in God. You will be able to USE your faith and trust to accomplish miracles in your life.

By the end of these 3 tips you will (100%) have more faith in Jesus.



I will explain in a minute why I put these two in the same category.

Never UNDERESTIMATE how much people can influence you and affect your faith.

If you want to become great, surround yourself with greatness!

Surround yourself with the people in this world who already possess the mindset you want.

For 6 months of my life, I was part of a Christian missionary organization called YWAM. This was the most faith-building time of my LIFE!


I was surrounded (and I mean SURROUNDED) by inspirational people who knew the greatness they had inside of them.

“Ok, so I get why people are important. But why people AND books?”

I find it helpful to imagine that I am the average of the 5 people I spend the most time with (this statement may not be 100% true, but it’s about 99% true).


What DO you DO if you are surrounded by uninspiring, mediocre people and there’s nothing you can DO about it?

There IS a solution. You can imagine replacing one of those 5 people with a book. (Hang with me…)

Not just any old book. A book written by a God-fearing, spirit-filled, purpose-driven human-being who has written this book SPECIFICALLY to increase your faith.

This is what I do when I find myself surrounded by people who I find uninspiring. I find someone inspiring, who has written an inspiring book!

The Bible is the best book you could ever read of course, but there is one other book that has changed my life more than any other book ever could… (apart from the Bible)

It is called ‘The Pursuit of God’ by AW Tozer.

I have only read it twice, but it has TRANSFORMED my life.

If you haven’t read it yet please stop reading this article and just read that book because it is far more valuable than this article, you can find it here through this link.

This book allowed me to PURSUE God WAY more than I did before, and gave me such a greater hunger for Him.

AW Tozer defined faith as believing in an “unseen reality”. Which is much shorter and more accurate than my definition.

He also said, “Faith enables our spiritual sense to function”. He said that with faith we can believe in “the great unseen reality” which is God and that our souls are “capable of the sharpest sight and most sensitive hearing” if we increase our faith.

Other Christian books I would recommend are:

‘The Purpose of Man’ by AW Tozer. 

‘Battlefield of the Mind’ by Joyce Meyer.

‘Crushing’ by TD Jakes.

All 4 of these books have a 5-star rating on Amazon with hundreds of reviews each!

There is no doubt in my mind that if you read any one of these books your faith would skyrocket!

So… now that you’ve read those 4 books, let’s continue.



Despite everything I have said, the internet has had by far the MOST impact on my faith.

I’m sure you know the internet is VAST. Meaning there is a TON of FREE material EVERYWHERE that will increase your faith.

I can now say without shame, YouTube has been my PRIMARY source of spiritual inspiration and encouragement in my life.

A LOTTTTTT of my free time is spent on YouTube, and if you are similar this tip will help a lot.

I have surrounded myself with inspiration by listening to preachers like Steven Furtick, TD Jakes, and John Piper on YouTube for FREE.

You can also watch Christian movies online too.

There is a Christian version of Netflix out now called ‘Crossflix’.

You can watch all the latest Christian movies. Sit back. Relax. And let your faith increase. You can get a 30-day free trial here to test it out.

It is so simple, but no one does it. Listen to more TRUTH!

Instead of taking a long, deep, distracting journey wading through oceans of vines and those often quoted ‘funny cat videos’, I have filled my YouTube feed with inspirational messages and teachings.

It’s great.

It saves time.

You don’t feel any better after 4 hours of vines.

You do after 10 minutes of listening to Steven Furtick.

It’s a win/win/win/win.

So is reading those books I mentioned.

So is spending time with inspirational people.

So is reading the Bible.

If you want to know how to BUILD faith and trust in GOD, DO these things!

The more we are reminded over and over again of Jesus’s sacrifice, his TRUE POWER, and everything he has already done in our life, we realize… we are too blessed to be stressed!

So we have more faith because we can see what he has already done in our lives.

The Israelites forgot what God had rescued them from. So, he didn’t bless them in their current season.




Seems obvious right. But how many people DO it? Not many…

But how you read it also makes a huge difference.

Never feel guilty for NOT reading the bible.

But that shouldn’t mean you don’t DO it because you are thirsty to read the truth.

Right now I only read about one chapter a day (which is wayyyy less than the length of this article). But when I read a chapter, I read it deeply.

Never underestimate the WAY you read the Bible. It can make ALL the difference between experiencing God and NOT experiencing him.

Read the Bible. Because you MUST hear from God. Expect God to speak to you. Be CONFIDENT God will speak to you.

Because he will IF you are open to hearing him.

If you love art, get an ‘NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible’ where you can engage with the book you are reading and truly read it deeply. Or find all kinds of other Bibles here.

Pray before you read that Jesus will open your heart to receive revelations.

Read the Bible like it is ALIVE, a living book. Because it is. Because when you are reading the words on the pages, they are not just empty words on the page.

God DID, and he WILL put those words there right in front of you that you need to read.

No longer will you read the Bible just thinking, “Oh, this is just a random Bible chapter that I just happen to be reading today.


You are reading that chapter today because God wants to SPEAK, he wants to SPEAK! He wants to. And he will if you open it and start reading.

The words God speaks to us are like no other words anyone could ever speak to us.

When you read the Bible, expect.









Because when you do.

He will.

He will tell you what to DO.

And your faith will be tripled when you DO it. Just do it!

Einstein said, ‘Imagination is everything’.

But God can go way beyond our imagination and what WE think is possible if we just use our imaginations and ideas (God has put in us) to DO the things we have imagined.




Give God your one step, and he will make the next two.

Faith is taking that initial step of DOING something, STARTING something. No matter how small or how big!

Fill in the application. Start the business. Start your idea.

Faith is doing.

If you don’t do, you have no faith.




How to build faith and trust in God EASILY: Hear and read truth MORE.

End of message.


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