How To ENJOY Reading The Bible #2

Do you struggle reading the Bible?

If you do, here is a quick tip to help you to enjoy the word of God, consistently, every day!

This is not a short-term quick fix.

If you want to read the Bible over the long run, then this tip will help you. God speaks to us through the Bible MORE than any other way, so it is vital that we connect with him through it.

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So here is the tip.

Listen to your favourite music while you read the Bible.

I’ll explain why this is so powerful! It is much more powerful than most people think. Why?

It involves something called ‘temptation bundling’. This is a technique I found in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. If you haven’t read this book, PLEASE READ IT! It has helped me to enjoy doing habits that I would usually find hard.

But ‘temptation bundling’ is where you combine a habit that you want to do, with a habit that you need to do. I’m guessing you like listening to music. Everybody has music they love.

So, if you read the Bible while you listen to music, the enjoyment of listening to music rubs off on reading the Bible. If you do it long enough (say, for a month), then you will start to enjoy reading the Bible even when there isn’t any music playing.

In addition, it boosts your concentration and helps you to focus on the words you’re reading. So you avoid getting halfway down a page before realising you weren’t even processing the words you were reading, (everyone has done that before…).

If we listen to music, that won’t happen anymore. Enjoyment is the key ingredient here.

You have to have 2 things to form a good habit:

  2. The knowledge that you need to do it (e.g. reading the Bible).

When you have BOTH of those things, BAMM, you have a habit you will do every day. You enjoy it, and you know you need to do it. It’s a recipe for success.

I did this with reading. I knew that I needed to read more. I wanted to gain knowledge and apply that knowledge to my life. So I combined listening to audiobooks with playing video games! Genius!

It sounds so lazy. But if I combine video games with audiobooking, I still get the same value as if I was just did reading on its own. It’s a win-win!

So it sounds lazy, but actually, it’s just effective.

If you want to read more books, I highly recommend signing up for audible. It has allowed me to read 10 books in the 3 months. Books are so amazing! As a rule, whenever I am travelling somewhere by train, car, or plane, I always listen to audiobooks.

You can also get a free book if you sign up, so choose the Bible audiobook!

You can combine audiobooks with almost anything. Exercising. Playing video games. Cooking. Travelling.

Nike had it right all along, ‘just do it!’ Books can and will change your life.

Get one free audiobook with this link.

This is the first blog post in a series of 5 posts on ‘How To ENJOY Reading The Bible’. You can find the next post here. Or you can watch the whole series on YouTube here. 😀

Every blog post and video I build on the last video and give you an extra tip. Why? Because the Bible is essential if you want to live a victorious Christian life! If you want to live like Jesus, it is vital to read the Bible.

Author: Joshua Moore


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