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The question of ‘how to love God more deeply?’ is possibly the most important question you could ever ask.


Because God’s greatest commandment to us was ‘Love God more than anything else’.

So how do we do this in a world where we are BOMBARDED with distractions that lead us away from God.

A world that idolizes social media, work, money, sex, power, things, technology, food, religion, pornography, TV.

It almost seems almost impossible to love God more than anything else.

But the solutions are simpler than you might think.

Here are 3 practical ways for how to love God more deeply:



Apart from the Bible, my favorite book in the whole world is ‘The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer’.

It was AW Tozer who said, ‘The only Christians you want to listen to are the ones who give you more of a hunger for God’.

This is a true statement: ‘I would be lost in my life unless I had been listening to people who have increased my hunger and my love for God’.

I still often feel lost and it often takes someone who has a deep passion and hunger for God to bring me back to loving God.

If you feel lost now. If you are in a season where you feel overwhelmed. Ask yourself: ‘Who am I listening to the most?’

If you don’t know WHO to listen to, my no. 1 recommendation is to listen to God.

Just sit by yourself and listen to God.

My no. 2 recommendation is to read ‘The Pursuit of God’ by AW Tozer a book that TRANSFORMED my life (obviously I’m FAR from perfect but let’s just say it helped me a lot).

My no. 3 recommendation is to find people who are thirstier and hungrier for God than you are and spend as much time with them as possible.

My no. 4 recommendation is to use the POWER of the internet.

There are MANY things that you can listen too on the internet, but here are 3 things that I hope help you (boy this article is filled with useful information, my golly gosh :D):

  1. Link to Steven Furtick’s YouTube Channel
  2. Link to My YouTube Channel
  3. Link to Crossflix – a Christian Netflix

Not all of these links will help you, but my prayer is that through these recommendations YOU (yes YOU!) will find someone who will give you more hunger for God.



In my (correct) opinion, regular good habits give more clarity to your mind, bring you closer to God, and enable you to love him more.

I have tried to build many different habits in my life. But I have concluded that 4 habits are much more important than any others.

These 4 habits are so vital, if I miss out on 1 of the 4, then it has a BIG effect on my mental health, physical health, and relationship with God.

I write about these 4 habits in detail in my article: ‘4 Habits That Will TRANSFORM Your Life’

But here is a short explanation.

The 4 habits are:



Never forget to pray. Don’t be ashamed to pray. And don’t ever be too proud to pray. Because prayer changes things.

Think about it. Why do we even work? God could just do all the work we have ever done in our whole life with the snap of his fingers. So why does he want us to work?

It’s the same reason that he wants us to pray.

God wants to be PART of what we are doing.

Think of something you are struggling with right now. God can solve the problem with the snap of his fingers. (Just like Thanos 😉

But why doesn’t he? Well, the thing is, he will. IF you invite him to be part of your life and you ask him to help you with your struggle.



There are endless reasons why we sleep.

The benefits include MASSIVE increases in concentration, clarity of mind, and physical healing in any area of your body.

The less you sleep, the harder it becomes to love God…

The book ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker is one of the most revolutionary books on sleep written by an expert who has studied sleep for over twenty years.

This book described the shocking consequences of not getting enough QUALITY sleep and the MAJOR benefits of getting the right sleep.

It is hard to believe a book on sleep could be so fascinating, but this one is. You can find it at this link.

I only advertise a book when I believe WILL bring you closer to God and have incredible reviews on Amazon. This one ticks both of those categories with ease.

God gave us our bodies as a free gift and he wants us to take care of them.

Which leads me onto the next habit.



Once again this is VITAL if you want to love god to your fullest potential.

This is because our bodies were designed (by God of course) to move!

For the last hundred years, humanity in the western world has been a MOTIONLESS race. We sit in offices or we sit down in school all day.

But almost the entire history of the human race before that has been us MOVING!

Whether it’s working in fields, hunting, running from predators. Only VERY recently have we become an IMMOBILE race of people.

So we need to move!!

Do WHATEVER you can to have at least 20 minutes of ACTIVE movement in the day (walking around the house isn’t active… I’m afraid).

Whether that’s running, a sport you enjoy or doing a workout while listening to music.

Find something you enjoy involving active movement. Because your relationship with God IS affected by whether you exercise or not.

Exercise has MUCH more positive effect on your mind (which dictates your relationship with God) than the body. Keep that in mind…


Did you know, in the beginning, God already created the perfect diet for humans.

Before the Adam and Eve disobeyed God they ate only plants as their diet.

Of course, God allows us to eat many other foods like meat and bread. It’s not like he’ll bring his wrath upon you if you eat non-plant foods. It’s totally fine to eat most things in moderation!

However, it’s always good to know you can never go wrong with any plant-based food.

In many cases, physical and mental illnesses can be cured simply by eating more fruit or vegetables.

If you want to know how to love God more deeply. Focusing on these 4 habits are one of the most effective ways of doing this.



I have already said prayer is the most important habit. But I will say again:

“You have not, because you ask not.”

This is a surefire guarantee:

IF the time is right, IF it’s God’s will, and IF you don’t stop asking, he will give it to you.

There are only 3 answers to prayer: YES. LATER. I’VE GOT SOMETHING BETTER IN STORE.

If you are desperate for something but you don’t know if it’s God’s will. Pray for it anyway! The worst that can happen is that you get it. Either that or you get something better 😀

Read my full article here about ‘The Power of Prayer!’

This whole blog is reliant on prayer.

You know the reason God has made me successful with blogging and how over 100 people a day visit this blog?


So, I can give the glory back to God. God has made this blog successful! And if I continue doing the work, He will make it even more successful.

This is the reason for prayer! You AND God have to be in on it together. If you are not in on it, it will fail. If God is not in on it, it will fail.

Two of the most powerful things you can pray for are wisdom and discipline. Why? It achieves two purposes. 1. It gets God in on it because you know without him it will fail and by praying you are saying that you need him, which you do.  2. It gets YOU in on it because God gives YOU the wisdom and discipline to succeed.


Pray that you would love God more.

That’s the whole point of this article, right!


Prayer is the most powerful thing in the universe. So, if you want to have more love for God, it’s only logical to pray.

This is how to love God more deeply!


Say to yourself ‘It’s only logical’.


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