7 Ways To Control Your Anger

7 Ways To Control Your Anger There are certain people and things that just make you feel @%#*&?$#’$#*!? But how do you deal with them? Here are 3 ways to control your anger: 1. Think Before You Speak Always take a moment to...

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5 Things To Start Doing Every Day

5 Things To Start Doing Every Day Successful people have only a few simple habits they perform every day. Without good habits, it’s almost impossible to achieve anything significant in life. So here are 5 things to start doing every...

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25 Quotes To Set Your Soul ALIGHT!

25 Quotes To Set Your Soul ALIGHT Quotes can do something special to you. They can be the perfect thing get you moving in the direction you need to go and can be golden! So here is a list of 25 quotes to set your soul alight:  ...

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3 Ways To Get A WINNING Mentality

3 Ways To Get A WINNING Mentality We all want to win! Everybody wants their destiny, their dreams, their ambitions to come true. Having a winning mentality is everything when it comes to achieving your dream. A mentality that will...

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3 Things That Prove God Exists

It’s hard to prove God exists for definite! In the same way, it’s hard to prove for definite that Donald Trump exists, if you haven’t met him in person. But here I will provide 3 strong pieces of evidence that point to the existence...

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5 Most Motivational Verses In The ENTIRE Bible

The Bible is full of motivation, truth, and tales of woe! But here are the 5 most motivational verses in the ENTIRE Bible!   1. Nothing Is Impossible To You! Luke 1:37 says: ‘For nothing will be impossible with God.’ Nothing!...

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Verse Of The Day

For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.

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