3 Dangers of Pride

The only heart God can’t touch is a heart closed up with pride. The dangers of pride can be so extreme, they destroy everything about a person's life. Ambitions. Hopes. Relationships. What Is Pride? If you do something with pride,...

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3 Ways To Destroy Anxiety

The Devil hates you! He has been after you since the day you were born. He targets you with flaming arrows pointed straight at your heart. We need to know how to destroy anxiety because he will use it to attack you! We can get...

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5 Ways To Get To Sleep Faster

Lying awake in the dead of night when you just want to sleep is a horrible feeling. When you know you’ll be tired the next morning. When worry, anxiety, and fear creep into your head. All you need to do is get to sleep faster and it...

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7 Things To Look Forward To In Heaven

7 Things To Look Forward To In Heaven You should always have something to look forward to! A lot of the time we can’t think of anything, but Heaven can be the ULTIMATE thing to keep you motivated and give you hope! Here are 7 things...

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How to Get More Joy

How To Get More Joy Imagine if you could get more joy in any situation. If you could have joy even when you’re stressed, tired or lonely. Imagine if every situation you are in would be more joyful and less depressing. Well you can!...

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Verse Of The Day

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

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