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The 4 Habits That Will TRANSFORM Your Life

The habits you have are the key to MASSIVE transformation and change.

Transformation and change can often seem beyond your grasp. Change feels so close, yet so far… You could be so close to success… Like you could just reach out your hand and grab it.

But you can’t.


It is because of the habits you have.

Our habits make up 95% of our behavior. So they have the power to TRANSFORM who you are.

99.99% of highly successful people have exceptional habits. The other 0.01% get lucky.

There is a misconception that genius or success is a result of genes. But research is showing more and more that genius and success are a result of simple good habits.

There are many good habits you can get into. E.g. reading, cold showers, journaling, intermittent fasting, listening to motivational content.

But I want to talk about the 4 habits you simply !!!MUST!!! have to be successful:

  • Prayer
  • Enough Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Healthy Eating

I believe if you are lacking in even 1 of these 4, it will be MUCH harder to be successful. Not impossible, just much harder.

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1. Prayer

As I have said, prayer is by far the most powerful of these habits, through prayer, you access the limitless power of God. If it is God’s will that you succeed and you don’t give up and you continue praying, you WILL succeed. This is a Biblical fact.

Read my article about the TRUE power of prayer HERE

2. Sleep

Most people don’t sleep enough. You may believe that if you sleep less, you will have more time in the day to work and be successful.

This is true, but also far from true!

It is far better to prioritize sleep because when you are awake you will be far more effective in your work. You will achieve FAR more if you are not tired.

A professional basketball team once decided to do a study on the effects of sleep.

One half of the team decided to sleep for 6 hours or less every night for 2 weeks, whilst the other half slept for over 10 hours every night.

Despite having less time during the day to train, the group that slept for 10+ hours every night was faster, stronger and had better shooting accuracy than the other group.

I always notice a HUGE difference when I sleep for less than 8 hours a night. There always is a huge drop in my motivation, energy, and amount of work I get done. You don’t have to sleep for 10 hours. But in my experience, between 8-9 hours is perfect.

The difference just 1 extra hour can make from 7 hours to 8 hours a night is INSANE! There are literally hundreds of reasons why your body NEEDS sleep, which is why I believe sleep is the second most TRANSFORMATIONAL habit I believe will change your life.

It sounds so boring just me telling you to sleep more. But the more you sleep the less boring your life becomes. You will have more energy and motivation than ever before!

You will have 10 times more energy throughout the day and you will get 10 times more things done!

Of course, you can make the excuse you need to wake up early to go to work or school. But the simple solution to that problem is to go to bed earlier!

3. Exercise

Exercise literally makes you a happier person!

Countless studies have shown that those who exercise get much higher grades at school, are more successful at work and almost every area of their life is transformed.

Exercise destroys negativity and tiredness and pumps dopamine around your body, so you feel an ecstasy of brilliance. (Without the harmful effects of drugs…)

Of course, there are many physical benefits to exercise, but more importantly, exercise is the single best thing you can do for the brain.

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger, many people think his rise to fame and success was because of his incredible body and bodybuilding career. But he became a millionaire through real estate even before he began acting.

Also, you would need a lot of motivation and focus if you wanted to become a bodybuilder, actor, politician, businessman, and investor within a short amount of time. Most of his success was due to his disciplined exercise.

Almost all good doctors and physicians agree that if you had to pick ONE thing to have the biggest positive effect on the brain, it would be exercise.

This is WHY often the most physically fit people are the most joyful people because they exercise a lot.

It also doesn’t take as long as people think. It is much easier than people make it sound.

Just 5-10 minutes of intense, focused exercise every day (which is what I do) is often MUCH BETTER for you than a 40-minute run!

Type into YouTube ‘5 minute exercise routine’ and you will be able to choose any from hundreds of workouts.

HERE is just one example.

4. Diet

You are what you eat, literally.

But not just that. You are what you ATE.

The food you chose to eat over the course of the last 3 months of your life have a HUGE effect on your body. So, if you’re not very proud of the food you ate in the last 3 months, then be careful about what you eat over the next 3 months.

Treating yourself to a chocolate milkshake on a special occasion is no big deal. But if you eat sugary foods often, it can cause tiredness, depression, and anxiety. The very things this blog is designed to DESTROY in your life!

If you ARE feeling tired all the time, there is a GOOD CHANCE it’s because of the amount of sugar you eat!

There is almost a direct correlation: The less sugar you eat, the more physical and mentally healthy you are.

So, apart from eating less sugar. What is the healthiest diet for humans?

This has been one of the most debated questions in the world over the last 50 years and almost everyone has a different option!

Some people eat no dairy, some eat no sugar, some eat more sugar, some eat low fat, some eat more fat, some eat gluten-free, some are vegetarian, some are vegan… etc.


What is the healthiest diet for humans!

I have myself attempted many different diets and been confused about whether I am eating the right things.

But I watched a documentary about food and one lady said this sentence:

“Eating healthy is really very simple, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, don’t eat junk food and eat enough calories to match your needs.”

I believe if everyone followed these 3 simple guidelines:

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t eat junk food, e.g. sweets, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, ice cream, sugar.
  • Eat enough calories to match your needs.

Then most people would make MASSIVE improvements to their health!

Having an unhealthy diet can often lead to multiple future problems including (but not limited to) obesity, skin problems, heart problems, cancer, illnesses.

Most of the time, these things can be reversed through healthy eating!


In my opinion, these are the 4 habits (prayer, sleep, exercise, and diet) that if you get RIGHT, will have the most MONUMENTAL effect on your life.


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