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This book is a rather exceptional BEAST.

In terms of the impact it has had on my life it places right after the Bible.

No. 1 – The Bible

No. 2 – This book

I am talking about ‘The Pursuit of God’ by AW Tozer.

Written by one of the most passionate people for God I have ever discovered. This book has opened my eyes MUCH WIDER to see God almost as if he were a visible person right beside me.

It has allowed me to have an actual relationship, not a kind of fake “let’s go have quiet time and coffee with Jesus and it will all be lovely” kind of relationship. But a real relationship. For the first time, a friendship.

My whole life until this book I was praying by my bedside and found it boring. I couldn’t see any real evidence for God. I didn’t feel him. There was no real feeling that he WAS there. I found reading the Bible boring.

But I wanted to be fascinated by God and the Bible, but I just didn’t know how because it was so boring!!

Last year, I spent some time in a tribe in the Philippines. I was 18 and filled with anxiety and fear because I had to give a message in front of 100 people the next day. I sat down and started reading this book and after only the first few chapters of this book so much NEW truth was revealed to me that God FELT more real to me than he had ever don’t in my life.I FELT it. That was the difference. Before I could not feel God in any way.

You should not love God just because you can feel him. But still, it felt epic.

Before, I spent maybe 10 minutes praying or reading the Bible before I was bored. But after only the first few chapters I felt so in awe of God that just sat there for about 2 hours in complete awe and disbelief of who he was.

A friend once told me, “Everyone would WANT Jesus if they knew what he was like”.

The book allows you to pursue God and realize, He is 1000 times better than you ever expected.

This book:

  1. Increased my faith faster than a rocket launches off the ground.
  2. Created an actual desire and hunger for God.
  3. Allowed me to FEEL God, (experience him) which I think many people are missing in their lives.

The story about how I got the book is also COOL!

I got the book as a gift from my parents for Christmas.

I decided to open the book one month before Christmas because I would be traveling to the Philippines soon and wanted to open it with my parents (I’m glad I did!).

But before I opened it, I kind of knew it was a book from the shape of the package. So, I prayed that this book would bring me so much closer to God, closer than I have ever been before (not knowing what the book was).

When I opened it, I was shocked! Only a few weeks ago I had been in a Christian lecture where someone asked the speaker what books they should read to grow their faith. The speaker said ONLY TWO THINGS! The Bible. And the complete works of AW Tozer. (‘The Pursuit of God’ being his most popular book).

I knew God wanted me to read this book.

This is a book for people who WANT a passion for God that exceeds all other passions. By passion, I mean an all-consuming desire. I desire that is ABLE to withstand suffering for God, and UNABLE to keep quiet about him.

The book leaves you with an immense feeling of how REAL God is. There are moments in life when you doubt God, his existence, that he even cares about you. But this book describes in detail the great ‘unseen reality’. Saying it is more real than what you see right now, what you can touch and physically interact with. Far more real.

This book WILL speak to anyone no matter how old or young you are. It is also only about 100 pages long. Making it one of the most impactful, short and to the point books ever written. It will not waste your time!

It has got a 4.8/5 star review rating on Amazon.

One review said: “This is one of those exceptionally rare finds that if you not only read, but live with a heart in pursuit of God, it will truly change your life.”

I got this book as a gift, but if I had bought it myself it would have been the best 10 bucks I ever spent in my entire life! The funny thing about God is that you can ALWAYS have a deeper passion for him; fall deeper in love with him.

Get ‘The Pursuit of God’ by AW Tozer here if ANYTHING spoke to you in this article and it WILL change your life.

I don’t want you to buy this book just because I’m saying all these incredible things about it. I want you to buy this book because I genuinely care about your relationship with God and want to help end some of your suffering.

The best way I feel I can do that is to point you to this book that changed my life. And it will change the way you see God.

No longer will you see God as an invisible, unfeelable being that you can’t interact with. He will be as real to you as if he were a chimpanzee jumping up and down in front of you!

That’s the aim!

The author, AW Tozer, is a giant of a Christian teacher and WILL bring you closer to God.


On a related note.

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