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Anxiety is only. Only! ONLY!! a result of what we feed our mind.


What we read, hear, and see is what makes up our whole mind and how we think.

The Bible says, “As a person thinks, so he is.”

The ONLY cure for anxiety is to change what we feed our mind! Changing what we read and listen to.

If you often ask, “Well I don’t know what to read or listen to?”

No worries.

This is a list of 10 books to deal with anxiety that will make you feel ALIVE with freedom!

Anxiety MUST be dealt with!

So, I have spent many hours deciding on these top 10 books that will transform the way you think and DESTROY anxiety for good in your life:



1. ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ by Joyce Meyer

4.8/5 stars – 3,657 reviews

Joyce Meyer has helped millions of people around the world fight feelings of anxiety, worry, doubt, confusion, depression and anger.

This is her most popular book ever! Its aim is to help people to think the way God thinks.


2. ‘Anxious for Nothing’ by Max Lucado

4.7 stars – 793 reviews

Max Lucado guides readers through the most highlighted passage, not just in the Bible, but of any book in the ENTIRE planet, Philippians 4:6-7.

His aim is to give you more joy, clarity, and contentment. And to stop letting anxiety rule your day.


3. ‘The Pursuit of God’ by AW Tozer

4.8/5 stars – 765 reviews

Yes, the title may be enough for you to skip by this one if you’re dealing with anxiety. But I have added this because it is the book that as had the biggest impact on MY anxiety.

As I said the ONLY cure for anxiety is to change what we feed our mind. But we MUST feed it with what will give us more hunger for God. The closer you are to God, the less anxious you are.

This book helped ME the most since it brought me further from anxiety and closer to God. So much so that I read it twice.


4. ‘Breaking the Fear Cycle’ by Maria Furlough

4.8/5 stars – 67 reviews

Maria Furlough uses her own story to show that you can break the cycle of fear, FOR GOOD!

This is for anyone who is filled with anxiety because of social media and the state of the world today, and anyone wants to go from fear to FREEDOM!


5. ‘The Mind Connection’ by Joyce Meyer

4.8/5 stars – 263 reviews

Joyce Meyer explains the extreme power of positive thinking and the connection it has to anxiety, mood, and behavior in every area of your life.

Enables you to have the right mental position no matter what the challenges you face.


6. ‘ReNew’ by Julie Winter

4.7/5 stars – 43 reviews

Most people don’t experience consistent joy in their lives because they embrace anxiety and depression instead.

Julie Winter writes about HOW to change your thoughts so you DO experience a consistent level of joy.


7. ‘Think, Learn, Succeed’ by Dr. Caroline Leaf

4.8/5 stars – 178 reviews

Focuses on the fact that anxiety is all in the mind.

This book does 3 things:

    • Explains in depth how thoughts influence emotional health and EVERYTHING about us.


  • Explains HOW we can take control of our thoughts and have more satisfaction, emotional control, and physical heath.
  • Gives scientific AND biblical insight (which work together) into WHY these things strategies WORK!


8. ‘Fierce Faith: A Woman’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety’ by Alli Worthington

4.9/5 stars – 257 reviews

Described as humorous and honest, Alli Worthington believes Jesus’s call to ‘fear not’ is the path to living a happier life. She gives many real strategies to stop the cycle of worry and anxiety.


9. ‘Finding Peace’ by Charles Stanley

4.8/5 stars – 131 reviews

This book focuses on the peace described in the Bible that “surpasses all understanding”. Charles Stanley shares how YOU TOO can experience this unshakeable peace.


10. ’30 Days to Overcoming Depression and Anxiety’ by Adam Cumpston

4.9/5 stars – 27 reviews

More than just a Christian devotional! An account of the authors agonizing struggle with depression and anxiety. And HOW he overcame the most difficult time of his life.

It’s funny. Most of the time, if you are struggling with anxiety, hearing an honest, personal story about it is much MORE POWERFUL than a list of things YOU have to do to fight it.

We need to know we are in this fight together!

Me included.

I hope this list was extremely helpful to you. All these books have WAY above average reviews on Amazon.

I can say now, after my long hours searching, these are 10 of the greatest books to deal with anxiety today.

These are ONLY books that have either had the most impact in other people’s lives, or my life.

If you are struggling with anxiety, don’t wait before reading one of these books!

In the end, our thoughts make up everything we are. Any one of these books will bring your thoughts more in alignment with God!

Anxiety is only a tool of the enemy. And it must be destroyed.

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